Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Someone hitting you hard! on face!

I met and dealt with people who manipulated me for a lot of time now.

There are these people who are not well educated, but are very good at manipulating people. I have seen such examples very closely. they are almost taught from the childhood how to call people bad, make them feel bad and not live properly and not let live properly.

And oh yes, how could I forget. They are also very good at spreading lies about good souls. Yes I am calling myself a good soul here. I know I am one.

There are people who want to establish themselves in power by making people look less.
Gosh what I am talking about! There are so many people who can do this! look at the governments now.

Am I discussing politics here ?

No, I don't want to.

But these kinda people who want to show that they are sweet, loving caring, oh my God, and dunno what, are the deadly snakes who ought to bite you anytime with their venom. Forever. And make you feel less! in everything that you do. And mind you they are everywhere. Not only at home in the form of you know who. They are present everywhere. In office, on bus stops, on stations, maybe a little in ourselves now. Because we stayed with them. It is difficult to go back to the purest form we were in. Our soul were in.

That sadistic behaviour of feeling good in injuring someone else is sought by so many!!! What is funny is they haven't injured you physically so cannot even report. 

Mind you the venom has no antidote. It is so difficult to remove the guilt or whatever they do instil in you.

So what is the answer ?

I seriously do no know. I am trying to find out. I want to be free. Away.

Sometimes it comes to my mind that yes there are no solutions to problems at times. So what do we do of those problems ? Let them stay with us ? forever ?

This blog is going to be not like all the other ones. 
Because by now, I have been injured so many times that i don't have the courage to gather myself up and speak directly. What I will keep doing is to fight, fight for a long time. 

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