Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In pursuit of Happiness (?) - keep working

No I do not understand. Is it happiness that we need to pursue or just be and let happiness come over like a butterfly and sit with us for some time ?

I am currently working with a visionary - Sudhir Sharma.
He just made an observation about me - that I am a methodical designer. That i can create numbers around Design.
He asked me what is my aim in life.

And I have one aim for sure.
To live for 35 more years. I am going to extend those many years for sure.

And he was startled. He then called everyone in the office and asked everyone - what is their aim
EVERYONE answered - they want to be happy.

Well, I just realised my transformation from a free bird to counting value of each line that a designer draws. To making money or better - trying to make money out of any design work.

With an ultimate aim of helping the designers to figure out their worth in the market.
Well anyone can come for a consultation as to how to earn through their art.

Through this have I lost the essence of giving in freely to the temptation of color smell ? To holding the brush? to being lost in my world ?

Did I miss being happy / yearning for being happy ?
Or did I just give up on that wish to forget it ?
Or was I simply content on what I got ?

Sometimes it just comes to my mind, that maybe I just gave up on the possibility of being happy.
I feel its a butterfly. Will come in, settle for sometime and fly away. And i am thankful that this happiness does come to me on its own!!

Why wait for it ? Keep working!?

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