Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Suicide! well anything but stupid

I was talking a friend of mine who was talking of her friend's wife who tried committing a suicide. She referred to her as what a stupid woman, cant she understand that her suicidal plans cause the family so much of trouble!

Yes it was mindless of her to say that. She is a dear friend, but I told her on face that it was extremely mindless to say that.

Depression hitting its peak is equivalent to a suicidal tendency. It can hit anyone.

A person is cornered to a level that he or she cannot recover makes that person suicidal.

There have been many different posts, whatever announcements that you can talk to me come to me for a cup of coffee, tea whatever if you are feeling depressed.
But does that help ?

I do not know.

Depression can hit anyone anytime. Be it someone like to Dipika Padukone to anyone at all.

Reasons ?
1. I read it could be due to indigestion :P
2. Most famous ones are post-partum depression - i.e. depression after child birth to the mother.
3. Love or heart breaks
4. Losing loved ones. be it due to a divorce, heart break or death.
5. Losing sight of the path ahead, be it in career, marriage anywhere.
6. Monotonous life
7. Basically no place left to go to
8. Handling burden that you actually cannot. could be work, home, relationship. Anything.

All this seems like a very natural thing to happen for people who have never faced depression.

Genetically few people are more prone to depression due to their chemical structures.
Just adding in a link speaking of the same.

NO ONE, absolutely wants to be depressed happily.

It happens.

All we can do is to help. Understand ?
That will come in only if you are genuinely concerned about that person. Please for God's sake and your own sake don't just pass judgements or give some mad advices if you are not concerned.

I have seen people taking advantage of the situation very manipulatively.
Not sure if I want to judge them or give a few examples here. No one is perfect.  I have seen people moving ahead of the people under depression. Or breaking ties with that person.

It is very difficult for a person under depression to react sanely to things. (I am not saying they go insane). It just becomes difficult for them to be themselves leave alone fulfilling expectations.
Please check if you are expecting too much out of them.

Are there some symptoms ?

Depression needs to be looked into at the earliest. It is likewise difficult to understand for the individual as well, if depressed.

1. Change in behaviour (someone extremely talkative suddenly )
2. disinterest in making new friends
3. disinterest in doing everyday chores
4. Not surfacing anywhere.

I am not a psychologist but I know that the person starts behaving differently for sure.

Can we help the people who are depressed to at least not move to the suicidal cliff ?
I am sure if there is a perfect solution. But we all can try. Maybe.

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