Monday, March 30, 2009

can people hurt you.

Yes people can hurt you only if you allow them to do so. You can be hurt only if you decide to. You can really choose your own mood. You can be happy when you want to and not when you dont want. But saying this easier.
I would like to relate to an incident that happened today. I don't drink tea and coffee and the whole class knows this. The lecturer while giving an example of his mother said, she doesnt drink tea or coffee but drinks blood. That she likes drinking blood of his. And my class roared into laughter. I noticed only people who had problems with me in the past contimued laughing. I instantly knew the reason and felt hurt. They were the people who constantly bitch about me.
Somewhere I could control my reaction to this and feel calm only because of some other learnings which suggested the first line. I can troubled only if i wish to. And this helped me keep my calm. Inner strength really made me more strong enough and i am feeling happy inspite of anything. But yes it is difficult. definitely but not impossible.


  1. please read'That she likes drinking blood of his wife' i missed the word wife. regrets.

  2. Agreed, but I usually laugh out loud with the people who make fun of me and I've experienced that they keep their calm the next time.. :P