Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i just completed an assignment which i had to submit long back. And i felt so relieved. I suddenly felt so happy about one task getting over.
Why do we feel relieved? what is it that happens when we get relieved. Is it that now we can stop the thought process over a chronic issue? maybe these chronic thoughts move over in our mind for so much time that we just tend to get sick of them. Then we try to find a solution which will help us stop thinking on the problem. That is where we really start analysing and finding newer and newer innovative solutions to a given problem. Then putting them down we are even more happier. But yes the ultimate point is when we communicate to someone (say by mail, talks whatever) that we get the eternal feeling of relief. We tend to feel more relived and happy by telling the whole world that i am happy..isnt it so?

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  1. I remember the moment of relief when I had just finished the SSC examinations and 6 months of vacation was awaiting for me! I have never ever experienced the same feeling again..