Tuesday, March 24, 2009


this blog would just say about all that just comes to my mind.. all of a sudden.
What do you think we live for? what do we really want out of life? and then why do we ever want something?
I think we live for various experiences in life. remember when kids we would love to go to a zoo just to see the animals. go see them know their names.. tell friends.oh i ve seen a tiger..deer, and many more.. and after the whole description is over ask the friend ..ask the friend have you ever seen all that i saw today??? did the extra edge over your friend of seeing something before hand make you happy, or did you feel bad that your friend has not seen or experienced that what you just did..?
We go travelling..why? is it because we get bored out of the monotonous lifestyle we live everyday..? maybe yes. we go for an outing..enjoy with a feeling ..oh my trip will end someday..i ll have to go back to the mundane activities..but didnt you really feel relieved when you came back home.. and did a hush!! at last,I am home.
Can it be true that our life is also like a trip and we will back somewhere one day to feel better?

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  1. That's a good question but its a wide arena.
    I participate in each activity, may it be entertainment, trips, socialising, etc. and extricate all the fun out of it. When I feel satisfied, I return to the routine... :)