Tuesday, April 7, 2009

acquaintance & friends

This is just what i have observed. We tend to have so many friends from the childhood. We have so many friends but a very few best friends. Do we call those friends who know all about us as the best friends? Do we tell everything to that friend because we have trust in that person? I think yes. We trust the friend and tell him/her everything ever happening in our lives.
I think its just an intrinsic property of human beings (being social animals) to try and share whatever happened in some or the other way. Blogging is just one of them. Ever experienced this? What was the first thing you spoke to your mom after you day in school? i always had this unbeatable urge to go and tell mom everything that happened. My mom used to listen patiently then.
We grow up to find some subjects which can relate to and share with friends only. maybe the references are different. Then we look for a friend who'll be the 'treasurer' of all our secrets and general rubbish also. Something that we just wanna talk and finish off.Maybe just so that the air listens to us and flowers and the wind.
Then what happens when we grow up? why arent we so open to friendship and start naming people as aquaintances? I think we then live in insecurities as to will the person use the information we just gave him/her by trusting in.
But in spite of this i have just found out that you don't tell everything to a person you trust but you trust a person more when you open up in front of him/her. And yes more importantly expect the same trust from the person. Then comes the conflict. If there is no trust coming back the communication fails and there is no friendship and concern and the contact remains as an acquaintance.
Will the world not be idealistic enough if we can have everyone as friends and not just acquaintances?

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  1. why r u doing doing this to urself?? r u trying to become a communist?