Thursday, April 9, 2009


i was going through the book Crafts in India edited by M.P.Ranjan and Aditi Ranjan. let me tell you this is the best book one can refer to know about the exhaustive details of crafts in India.
as i was moving through the pages, i was so fascinated by the beauty of the craft.
then something came to my mind. we love to see different kinds of motiffs in whatever craft form available and get impressed by the intricasy of the work done. what do we define the beauty as? Do we tend to judge the amount of hard work and selfless art in by just comparing between them?
the craftperson simply loves to create the form. and that love and care is showered on the viewer. on seeing the book first thought that came on seeing all the crafts was i want to posess them. I visualised my home being built from the same bamboo technique, same eternally exquisitely crafted things for decoration. why only this, i also felt i should be having the same kind of jewellery etc etc. you know how much a human mind wanders around.
But on second thoughts, do i really need all this? what is it that i ll carry back to eternity? nothing. the best thing to do would be, i can just be very happy seeing this book. it will really not make any difference to me as to what are the contents of my home or dressing table. I just need to have all this beauty within.

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