Monday, April 13, 2009


i go to my old home where i used to stay during childhood. and yes i felt so good. i felt i belonged to that place. the place belonged to me. what really made me feel that the place belonged to me?
i was born there. had my first friend from there. we had played endlessly. had touched and known every single nook of the place. so we thought it belonged to us? we had a jhoola where we sat and had chivda together eating the chillies and crying over the spicyness. i have these emotions attached to that place.
then i have my grand parents calling me in to have lunch. scolding me over playing in the hot sun. their caring. the love. all this created that belongingness to that place. it was not the physical place but the people in it that made the place alive. this place is really so alive whenever i'll visit it. will i be able to find a place so much belonged elsewhere?

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  1. going back home where you grew up is such an amazing feeling... i remember going back and seeing the place where i grew up, so much fun it was.. remembered running down the streets, breaking windows while playing cricket.. all the pranks! simply awesome!